What To Expect

What to Expect

We understand that you may be a little nervous about your first appointment. Please be assured that you can ask us about anything that is concerning you, at any point, during your appointment, or indeed before you come to your appointment.

At the start of your appointment, your osteopath will begin by asking about your current and also past health history, some of which may not seem immediately relevant but it is important for them to understand. They will also record any medication or supplements that you are taking. This is to help them to establish a full picture of your health and needs. All information will be treated as strictly confidential. Your osteopath will ask you to do some gentle movements as part of the examination, and carry out other tests to ensure that they understand what is causing your pain. They will explain their diagnosis to you, and discuss your personalised treatment plan, which may include exercises and other advice. In most cases you will receive treatment at the same time, but on some occasions, they may need to refer you to other healthcare professionals such as your GP or midwife.

What to Wear

It is helpful if you come wearing loose fitting and/or stretchy clothing to allow for movement. You may be asked you to partially undress for the examination, so please wear appropriate underwear, or bring shorts to change into. Your osteopath will always treat you with dignity and respect. If you would feel more comfortable, you are welcome to bring someone with you during your appointment. Please note all children under 16 years of age should be accompanied by a parent or someone with parental responsibility. If you have any concerns regarding any of this, please do get in touch and we can advise you further.

Is Treatment Painful?

Osteopathic treatment is usually gentle, and many patients find it very relaxing. There may be occasions when the osteopath finds areas of tension that require a stronger approach, in which case they will warn you that it may become uncomfortable, and reassure you that they will stop immediately if you ask them to. Our aim is to build a trusting therapeutic relationship with you. Your feedback during treatment is very important to them, so they can adjust their treatment to suit you. Most people feel better after treatment, and are able to move more easily. You may feel a little sore the day after your treatment, and this can sometimes last for up to 48 hours. If you experience great discomfort or pain, please contact your osteopath so that they can advise you.